Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I told you so....

Look in any paper, listen to any radio or television report. The evidence is conclusive and moving towards a Grand Jury. People scoffed at my conspiracy theory about NBA referees but now the truth is coming out. The big difference between what is being reported and the "real" truth is the scale of the conspiracy.

League officials today are claiming one bad apple. David Stern is telling us that Tim Donaghy's activities involving low level mobsters and point shaving and game fixing is an isolated incident.

Well what is apparent is that this CAN happen and has, thus validating the primary premise behind the whole "conspiracy theory".

That now being the case, one has to wonder what other manifestations occur.

I look forward to the detailed analysis that will follow that illustrates the impact that Donaghy has had on games and the difference that his has made in league play.

This my friends is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Friday, July 6, 2007


As someone who scans the internet on a pretty regular basis, I love the fact that you can discover new and interesting things, facts, media and people.
The latter has caught my eye again and once again this is through flickr.

Chronicity is the nick of a spectacular individual that I have come across. It's amazing the information that is shared. And the thing that strikes me and frankly surprises me, is the impact that this can have. I'm captivated by this person.

I want to talk to her, engage, and exchange.
The challenge is that with all the noise on the internet, when someone as clearly harmonic as Chronicity is bumped into, rising above that noise is virtually impossible. What does this mean? Well, if it were a party in a crowded room, standing across the room hoping to make eye contact would have a better chance of connecting than the internet.

So for all it's wonders in communicating and bringing people together, there is still this element that keeps people at a distance. It's like taking fibre to the door for Telco's. Laying the infrastructure pipe is easy to a point, but where it makes the biggest difference and has the most benefit it the toughest. So too with connecting with people.

How frustrating it could be to think you have found your one true... You know the one thats destined. If you believe in that. Only to realize that they are a world away and have a life that is totally devoid of you and always will be. Another consequence of the internet. The "talent pool" is more like a talent ocean. Almost infinite variety.

So I marvel at a stunning woman that I will probably never speak to.

I watch as her life continues and she documents it for those that care to watch.

I revel in her joie de vie.

I empathise with her trials and tribulations.

And celebrate her victories.

This is probably creepy as hell for her but it is certainly not the intent. When we enter the public domain, we should expect to engage with the public.
Apologies for appropriating your content but it's so good.

The nature of people demands that most of them be engaged in the most frivolous possible activities—like making money.

~ Marshall McLuhan ~

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Enough of the Corporate Ladder

Ok, here's the deal....

After working within one large company for many years. Rising through the management ranks with hard work and ethics, humanity and business accumen; I'm about ready to pitch it. I'm one chair away from running the place and I want out. My pension plan is fully vested and all I have to do is see my way through another 15 years (OMG) and I can cash in. Unless of course a golden handshake comes before that which there is always a distinct possibility.

So why pitch it? Why toss it all?

Well, as I ponder the reasons and decide which to write down, I'm having a tough time picking the one that is really important and makes the decision a no brainer.

More money and ownership and control of my own business are all good reasons.

But at my current I have been blessed with the ability to run my own lines of business as I see fit and staff them (more or less) as I desire. Sure the money could be better but theres more to life than money and the value of job satisfaction is unmeasureable.

So what is a poor fool to do??

Life altering high risk change that could rock to the very core every dimension of life?

Or grind out years of undervalued labour with an uncertain future until retirement?


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

I totally feel that the SPURS are given special consideration above and beyond the level of reasonable human error. And in particular, Tim Duncan. My evidence for this can be encapsulated in a single event this year that embodies the impact Duncan and the SPURS can have on the game and the league.

On April 15, 2007, Crawford ejected San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan for supposedly laughing at Crawford from his seat on the bench during a game against the Dallas Mavericks. Duncan also insulted Crawford with an expletive[7]. Duncan alleges that Crawford challenged him to a fight on the court in which Crawford asked Duncan, "Do you want to fight?"[8] On April 17, Crawford was suspended for the remainder of the 2006-07 NBA season and the 2007 NBA playoffs as a result of this altercation. The league also fined Duncan $25,000 for verbal abuse of an official and warned than a repeat incident in the future would result in an ejection. Commissioner David Stern said Crawford's actions "failed to meet the standards of professionalism and game management we expect of NBA referees."[7]
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This combined with the "no calls" given and the "touch" fouls taken by Duncan make a compelling case. I can't help but think that if the roles were reversed in Game 4, the league would have somehow found a way to not penalize the star player and take retribution on someone for compromising this position.

I know, I sound like a bit of a sore loser but it really gets my goat when I see double standards at work.

Sadly, the SUNS ran out of gas last night and the SPURS got wicked hot from outside at the perfect time for them. What was it, 5 or 6 three's in a row?? We had issues hitting anything let alone three's. And Steve had a tough time taking care of the ball. THere just weren't any scoring options. D'Antoni needed to use more bench.

Ah it's easy being a Monday morning quarterback (Thursday really but you know what I mean).


Thursday, April 26, 2007 it's been a couple months...

Reality is that you have to be hugely dedicated to these things to find the time each and every day. To those of you out there that are making that investment and actually saying things worth reading, good for you.

Recently (well really a couple of months ago) I discovered a new phenomenon to me. 365's.

On flickr, there are these people that take photos of themselves and publish them. They do this every day and they do it very creatively. One of my favourites is a woman from California that goes by the nom de plume of PHOTOKAT. In an odd way, she has allowed me to watch her. Like a voyeur I watch her through the lense of her camera. Her family. Her friends. And most revealingly herself.

And I must say, in this case I am enchanted. This 27 year old mother of three from southern California is spell-binding. I can't wait to check each day and see what she has shot and what she has been doing. Whether its working out, taking her daughter on a Sparks camping trip or just looking pretty and capturing it. I find it all fascinating, intoxicating and habit forming.

Is this the future? Relationships with people that we get glimpses of through media?

I know that PHOTOKAT has relationships with others on flickr. They get together and have lunch or go out for drinks or have play dates with their kids at the park. And through all this, the constant camera captures split seconds of events.

It's a curious lens to see people through at times. But the wonder I have is what's next. Clearly there are lots of people who are expressing themselves this way.

Monday, February 5, 2007

That's it for another year.

Well another season is done for the NFL and quite a year it has been. The final certainly was an interesting game with a bit of something for everyone.

Now withdrawl starts... pro bowl all of a sudden looks kinda interesting....

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Let the SUPER WEEK begin

Media day for both teams pitted in the Super Bowl happened yesterday.
The orgy of media got there first real dose of the players and coaches in Miami yesterday. Watching some of the coverage going on, there was a noticeable media star in the mix.
This star was a reporter that the players wanted to speak to.

This star was a reporter that the reporters wanted to speak with.

The special segment guys wanted to speak with this star.

The producers wanted to speak with this star.
Radio, print and particularly television clamoured to speak with this new star.

Who is this star/reporter.

I dunno, but she sure looks like she knows the game......